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Camper Stories

We love our campers, and our campers love us!

“A place where children are welcomed and loved and treasured while being challenged to grow and learn under the blanket of God’s love!”

Jenny, Childhood Camper and Former Counselor

“Maranatha is a place that has shaped my life for the better.  From family camps and summer camps as a child to youth retreats as well as family reunions and Cursillo as an adult- it’s been a place of love and learning.  I learned unconditional love at Maranatha and have always felt closest to God in this beautiful place.  Fancy clothes not required.”

Tonya, Childhood Camper, Former Counselor, and Parent of Campers

“It’s always felt like one of the most special places in the world to me.  It’s a place of love and acceptance; I’ve always felt that a lot of the barriers that separate people in the “real world” are broken down at Maranatha.  It’s a place of peace…”

Allison, Childhood Camper and Former Counselor

“I made lifelong friends at Maranatha, and now that I’m grown and have a daughter of my own I can’t wait to send her so she can experience Maranatha and make lifelong friends herself!”

Gerrit, Former Counselor and Current Maranatha Alumni Coordinator

“Maranatha is a blast!… The relationship between campers and counselors make great memories”

Gavin, Camper (age 14)

“My kids beg to go… they love this camp!”

Jessica, Parent of Three Campers

“I made great friends & we were always doing fun things.”

Ava Joan, Camper (age 9)

“When our campus ministry winter retreat was detoured to Maranatha due to weather, I was initially disappointed.  Little did I know Maranatha would change my life.  Since that detour, I have made lifelong friends, experienced re-creation in recreation, and even met my future wife, all at Maranatha.  As a counselor, attending programs, and now as a parent with children attending, Maranatha has a way of revealing God’s love for everyone!”

Joel, Camper, Former Counselor, and Parent of Campers