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Summer Camp 2021

Share Your Maranatha Memories!

Our Maranatha Staff, Alumni, Campers, and Supporters are sharing what makes Maranatha special to them! Record and upload yours in seconds!

With a rich history spanning more than 60 years, Maranatha has changed lives with summer camps, retreats, family camps, outdoor education and more across 4 generations. We love to hear from our supporters, alumni, and campers about how Maranatha has impacted their lives and enjoy the photos, letters, and stories that you share with us in person and via social media!

During the continued COVID-19 outbreak, we are collecting “Maranatha Memories” from people that have been impacted by Maranatha over the years – we’d love to hear from you! There’s no need to get fancy; your phone, iPad, or computer will work great!

If you have problems with uploading your memory, please email us at stories@maranatha.camp and we can help!


Ideas & Prompts for your Memories

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Don’t feel like you need to answer them all or even stick to these specifically!

  1. Tell us your name and how long you’ve been involved with Maranatha as a camper, staffer, supporter, etc.
  2. What was your first time out at Maranatha like? When was that? What were your first impressions?
  3. What’s your favorite spot at camp? What makes that spot so special and/or fun?
  4. What’s your favorite camp memory?
  5. You’re magically transported to Maranatha for two hours – what do you want to do/play? Why?
  6. What’s your favorite camp song or energizer? Why that one?
  7. Have you ever made a new friend at Maranatha and stayed in touch after? How did that go?
  8. What do you think makes Maranatha special?

A Few Other Things

We’ve heard from some people that they’d rather not record themselves via video. That’s fine too! If you’d rather not share your face, you can just record an audio file or video your wall as you answer your questions. Our editing team can then pull the audio out and play it along with your favorite picture of yourself, like a phone interview on TV. No worries!

Oh, and if you submit your memories you’ll be automatically entered to win one of the all-new Maranatha shirts. Yeah. They’re not even for sale yet! Trust us, these are awesome!

Finally, we’d love to hear from our campers and alumni of all ages, but if you’re a kid… you’ll need your parent’s permission to upload a video.


Tips & Tricks

  • Relax! We want to hear from the¬†real you anyway! This is not a pop-quiz!
  • Read the question/prompt back out loud while you’re recording, or get with your family and take turns interviewing eachother!
  • Sit in a room that’s brightly lit or position yourself so a lamp lights your face.
  • Film your video horizontally – it makes it easier and looks better on social media!
  • Don’t worry about editing or making it perfect. If you mess up, just keep rolling and our editing team will fix it!
  • Imagine that your favorite counselor is on the other side of the camera. Pretend like you’re talking to them directly!
  • Make it a family activity! Pile up on the couch and share your stories together!

If you have problems with uploading your memory, please email us at stories@maranatha.camp and we can help!